oh herro.

a lovely note to my "readers":

i'm welcoming any kind of feedback with open arms.
suggestions? write it. simple comment? dooo it.
rude critisism? i revel in it, type away.
need work done? email me.


2010 intentions

i intend on spanding at least 8 hours a week on a new or several new art/jeska projects.
i plan on readin' the illustrator book the usps refuses to give me, once a week.
i plan to conquer this goddamn program before i re-install photoshop.
i intend on being me.
growing as me.
(this is how i've grown in a span of a total 5 hours on this stupid project.
painting is sooo much faster.)
and will be taking on some old fire.
happy new years jerks!
also- the jello shots are flying in my house.


so far- self portrait.


ahhh sweet success.

oh yay!
now it's back to being creepy AND cute!
hahahahaha eff you illcs3!
i still can't wait to get that book in the mail so i stop wasting endless hours trying to find tutorials on the web about terminologies i don't know!
thank you, and i'm done with the creative force for the day!
or not.



i made something cute, gross.
anyhow. i'm trying to keep the top layer's transparency with the backgroud isolated to the tag object, with no luck.
so here it is, in bloody concrete form.
how adorable.
i like how it feels without the hard outlines too. just wishing i could have a possibly black background. ugh.
xmas got me off track, i was doing soooo well.
i also bought a book that mr. harrigan suggested.
the end.
more to come within 5-9 business days ha.
any suggestion, leave a comment...


ahhh the simple joys of my holidays.

so every year, i bless my family with my wit and wise-ass, grinch like ways in the form of a card, or torture them with cruel wrapping, packaging, what have you. and every year they laugh, which only encourages me. so here's this year's brilliance in card form. hand drawn. sharpie N superprismacolorpencils rules!
god i'm lazy.

at least i did SOMETHING creative today.
thank you live trace and live paint. 
for cleanin' my own shit up.


toetaggin' good morning.

so far today, this is what i've accomplished!
i'm escaping to go bake goodies with my sister from another mister, Hevs.
note: i <3 leatherface.



steph, i totally stole your idea, plus something i created that resembled a loaf of bread which just makes me giggly, but i couldn't come up with anything this morning for myself, and i woke up with a desperation to keep motivated..... for some silly reason.
but i did do some squigglies on paper, going to try to bring them here tomorrow!


dream in plastic event flyers. so far.

-to the top-
this would be the very first of the fliers i'm doing for this event (seeing as how it is my own). i'm not too pleased with it, i think i got a little carried away and i'm currently doing several to improve on the general idea and elements to try and simplify and clean it up. generally, i feel this one is way too busy for my personal tastes.
-to the bottom-
this is the second version of the same idea. i'm really happy with this one, secretly wishing i could keep the scale and have room for some symmetric sponsorship and donation information, but alas, i will have to figure something else out.
kate is working on press packages and sponsorships! we're gabbing now.
she's flattering me and bringing me almost to tears.