oh herro.

a lovely note to my "readers":

i'm welcoming any kind of feedback with open arms.
suggestions? write it. simple comment? dooo it.
rude critisism? i revel in it, type away.
need work done? email me.



Toy box top I did oh six months ago.


presenting 808skates.com logos!

(and a special little stickery thing for them!)


For the win! Best email ever!

Subject: A missive
Dearest Clementine,
The road has been long and hard. I am weary but felt the need to send this missive post haste. Enoch is sick with dysentery, and we have lost many supplies attempting to ford a river. There have been good times, though. While hunting, I "accidentally" shot three toes off Daniel's foot. He did complain quite a bit. You were right when we left, he is a bit of a 'loopy cunt'.
At the saloon in Fort Hall, a ruffian tried to rummage in my pantaloons, muttering about wanting 'dat sweet, sweet candy'. Luckily the ruffian stopped his incessant rummaging as I brained him with a cobblestone. I also shit in his hat to teach him a lesson.
Oh Clementine, my eyes grow weary, so I will end this missive shortly. I hope it finds you in good health and fiery spirits, and not the kind of fiery spirits this one brown savage dirt worshiper sold me near Laramie. Fire water my ass, it was bison piss.

I hope to speak to you soon,

p.s. So will handing over a bill with Ulysses S. Grant on it get King Diamond in my hands?