oh herro.

a lovely note to my "readers":

i'm welcoming any kind of feedback with open arms.
suggestions? write it. simple comment? dooo it.
rude critisism? i revel in it, type away.
need work done? email me.


Dream in plastic!!!

Still up for three weeks! Go check it out!!!

Cheap cheap cheap! Prices at low, 15/25 a print, paintings from 25-400!


Oh hey there....

So fact, there a show Saturday in beacon! At DREAMINPLASTIC. Sorry I haven't visited this in a while.... But here's some stuff I'll be showing! Also, excuse the mess and bedding, I'm busy makin stuff!
Also I sliced off my fingertip over a potato and painted a bandaid at work today. I think it's funny, therefor you get to see it assuming you don't follow me on insta! (Jschrufer, of course) after all, in my final hours its probably the last thing I needed. Somehow, it didn't even stifle me. In the last three days, I've even completed two older pieces I didn't even plan on. VERY PRODUCTIVE this time around and I pulled this off in less than two months!
Here are a FRACTION of things I'm putting up, SO COME OUT:

Dream In Plastic
177 Main Street
Beacon, New York!

Reception: 6-9pm
On Display: one month!
(Let's face it, you have a month to see it, you might even pop by DIA down the road and Storm King, 15 mi. away!)

Or hang out and get diabetus after consuming my homemade fudge and Jenny's minicupcakes!



It's been a while!
Here's some recent doodles!
Also, working on a robot show!





Another show at Darkside!

If there were things you wanted to buy that werent sold last year, it might be your lucky day, the third week, next month!
(also here's a preview of a 36x48 piece!)
Follow me around on instagram too @jschrufer


Post It.

My contribution to the post it show last second Saturday at dream in plastic!

This past weekend.

I had the entire weekend off. Sooo I forced myself to start 4 paintings. Here's one and a quarter!


Personal Rowbutts

Hah. Seems I am back at it again.
Trading doodles with a new friend.
No better way to start the trade with a robot :)


making up for lack of motivation.

In the past 24hrs I have been a force yet to be stopped. Painted from 8pm-2am.
Well maybe just a couple winks slowed. I woke up and continued, finishing 2 small 8x8pieces, all 10 candy corn for comic con and all the sketches to go along with.
It's gonna be a long night in the tolls and my right brain is so swollen I can't shut it down. I feel like my right hand is going to cripple before my catharsis.
Good thing I'm half decent with the left!


working inside the tolls

those few of you who do not know,
i am officially an employee of the state.
i spend a lot of quiet overnights sitting on the Thruway,
this seems to be the perfect place to put 'em!