oh herro.

a lovely note to my "readers":

i'm welcoming any kind of feedback with open arms.
suggestions? write it. simple comment? dooo it.
rude critisism? i revel in it, type away.
need work done? email me.


rotten grrl threads

has asked me to design a screen printed shirt design.
here are the alternates!
productivity has been slowly amazing.
all of my pieces from the autism show got bids.


don't look mik. you'll spoil the surprise.

trying to figure out why i decided to stop today with the base layers at the point where he looked like a christmas tree. ahahah i really just came back to it 12 hours later to see it... i will be continuing this tomorrow night if all goes well. i suspect if i pull my head out of my ass this thing will be at the lexington manor's mayor's door within the next 2 weeks.