oh herro.

a lovely note to my "readers":

i'm welcoming any kind of feedback with open arms.
suggestions? write it. simple comment? dooo it.
rude critisism? i revel in it, type away.
need work done? email me.



so my design has made it to shirt and bags! 
(fuck all you motherfuckers, b/c i'm on a tote!)

i guess....

i need to do photographs of bigger stuff.... or orchestrate miracles with my scanner.

the amazing francie brady!

installation one of idfk how many of the rise above, pma pieces i wanna do.
started another this morning while i finagled with this in the scanner.
looking at this, i am proud of myself, and how i've come along since january.


moons over my hammy

well here goes. rise above. and stop being offended.
it's a tribute to charlotte's web. yeah. i'll go with that.



during my cleptomaniacal adventure at a.c. moore i was stunned to see that liquitex now makes an acrylic ink.
is it possible and/or wrong that i am now seeking a art supply sugar daddy?
any takers?