oh herro.

a lovely note to my "readers":

i'm welcoming any kind of feedback with open arms.
suggestions? write it. simple comment? dooo it.
rude critisism? i revel in it, type away.
need work done? email me.


munny munny munny munnnnnnnaaaayyyy munnay

 i'm not dead yet!
kool peed otni ym seye!


i don't know which i love more, magic or buffet.... 
combine forces and you get rebecca and www.themagicalbuffet.com
who wrote up a piece on Darkside's Fist Damn Show!
and link!

here's her photos!

chris machin

yay in her kitchen!



this feels alien! my logo! in lights! on the desk!

(the following photos are courtesy of Mark Collins: Rust Rioteer)
 whoo the gallery! from behind teehee
 (eek!) jason thinks he should have done something with his hair...
 yay on the left is Chris Machin, monster maker, pin striper, sign destroyer! the guy on the right, although i have no idea who he is, he asked me about the rise above stuff, making him more noteworthy and legit.
 yay, my two favorite curators! left: Vanessa Tellez of DG&R; right: Diana Currie of DIP
 pulp sushi showing support as always <3
(this is where i got that great sushi necklace! go to etsy! NOW)
 My Wife Jen and Debbie!
  NUB paying attention.
 yay even pogo and scotty came, shopped and high fi(v)ed


whoa i never posted this?!

this is the original rise above idea. 
steph buscema and i always talk about getting posi tattoos. 
this was my idea.
and now it's for sale at Darkside Records & Gallery!
acrylic. 9x11. word.


here's my tribute to mike.
also his payment/gift for being the most wonderful other half of me.
pretty fitting eh?
he REALLY did a lot for me in the preparation and mental support departments for my first show. among others, i don't think i would have gotten through much of this without his support. so thank you.

Custom Toy Show

.... coming up at Dream In Plastic.

picked up a couple of munny ornaments, gnomes, submitting 5 pieces all together.
lotsa work for 2 weeks, but with the storms coming up maybe i'll catch a couple of days off.
i'm planning on posting some of the collective pics from the gallery show and little commissioned/gifted pieces i've done!


last week....

i started following this local, wicked blog.
it's called the bright red brush.
i just scrolled through some of the recent posts.
i think i'm in love, and plan to use this to my advantage.
so instructional and constructive for me!
thank you.
(link in my blogroll!)

sneak preview

of my gift to nub at the gallery on saturday!



business card is for hahas.
but yeah, there's the flyer for the show!
  and business card for seriouses. ahahah.
which is also at the deli. ha!



i'll post some more shit once the gallery opens. mainly pics of the gallery show ahaha.
i'm working on some personal stuff for some people and buying canvas (like a coupon clipping maniacal grandma) planning my solo show for the www.dreaminplastic.com store in beacon, in may. for now, here's Heather's Birsday present. 
in case you were curious.
ps. i did put a wealth of sentiment into this.
everything i ever do has such deep personal meaning.
this one was big.